Friday, 18 January 2019

Affirmative Cards

Affirmative Cards

Hello friends,
today I´d like to share my notebook with affirmative cards by  Kiala Givehand .
I registered in Wellbeing Summit 2018 organized by Tamara Laporte.
.It was an amazing opportunity
to meet a lot of creative people here . They shared their work.
I received these cards by Kiala. I printed them and glued them on my paper cards.
I had an old calendar with pockets so I decorated it with papers
and made my new notebook with pockets suitable for the cards.

I have Kiala´s card on one side and I tried to decorate the second side with my 
pictures, I use Magnolia stamps, I coloured them and I use the the same 
affirmative sentences.
It ´s nice to browse through the cards and create new ones.

Be happy in these winter days.

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  1. Oh my!!! This is such a beautiful rendering of the cards. I love that you colored them and that you've given them a little home!!! What joy!!! Thank you for sharing your take on the cards. I wish you many hours of fun and creative affirming !!! :-)


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