Thursday, 31 January 2019

Spring Cards

Spring Cards

I know it is only January but I am looking forward to Spring so 
I created some Spring cards.
I got Kurekate Clean Brush Pens from my friend
so I tried to use them for colouring the stamps.

Have nice days.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Affirmative Cards

Affirmative Cards

Hello friends,
today I´d like to share my notebook with affirmative cards by  Kiala Givehand .
I registered in Wellbeing Summit 2018 organized by Tamara Laporte.
.It was an amazing opportunity
to meet a lot of creative people here . They shared their work.
I received these cards by Kiala. I printed them and glued them on my paper cards.
I had an old calendar with pockets so I decorated it with papers
and made my new notebook with pockets suitable for the cards.

I have Kiala´s card on one side and I tried to decorate the second side with my 
pictures, I use Magnolia stamps, I coloured them and I use the the same 
affirmative sentences.
It ´s nice to browse through the cards and create new ones.

Be happy in these winter days.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

A Story to be Told

A Story to be Told

today I´d like to share a card with Lavinia stamps.
I tried to create it for Lavinia stamps challenge.
The theme for this month is A Story to be Told.

I cut out some clouds and I used them as a mask.
From the Fairies I chose the stamp Fairytale.
I cut off a dandelion because I had an idea
that the fairy could catch the letters and make a story from the words
 falling down from the sky.

I used these Distress Inks.

Challenge entered:
Thanks so much for your stopping by.

Friday, 11 January 2019

It´s Cold Outside

It´s Cold Outside

today I´d like to share a new card .I found 
the inspiration in thesketchychallenges.blogspot.
There is a lot of snow in my country in these days
so I decided for winter theme. 

I chose Magnolia mini stamp Winter Tilda from
Sweet Christmas Dreams col.2011.
I decorated the card with wooden snowflakes 
and I cut white snowflakes with Martha Stewart´s punch.
I cut the white flower( in the middle)with Lin and Lene stencil, Joy Crafts.

Challenge entered:
Have nice winter days. Thanks so much for
your visit.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Writing Pad

A Card for My Notepad

Hello friends,
today I´d like to share a card for my notepad.
  I wanted to make  my own notepad. I bought some
individual small notepads and  I decided to put them together
 so I made a cover and I decorated it with my card.

I applied  Distress inks on my card. I used a piece of torn paper as a mask.

Then I applied the thin layer of modeling paste to create snowflakes with the stencil.

I chose the stamp WhimsyGirl Seven from Star Trish Design.

I painted the stamp with water colours and I used Coliro pearlcolor for the star.

I used the stone paper for making the cover.
I used the Distress inks through  the stencil at first.
Then I used these ink sprays . I also sprinkled the water a little bit.

Challenges entered:

Thanks so much for your visit.
Have nice days.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019


New Year´s Dreams

Hello friends, today I´d like to share
 my box and a small diary. I decorated them with papers 
from the collection Dream,Stamperia and laces.

I sticked the rice paper on the bottom with glue.
The rice paper is thin, so it is easier to close the box.
I used Martha Stewart ´s punch too.

Challenge entered:

Happy New Year.
Thank you for taking the time to visit me.
With love,