About me

my name is Hana. I use name" hanap"in my blog.
I love scrapbooking and making cards.
I also enjoy creating paper boxes ,
pocket albums.

I love drawing and mixed-media painting.
I have got my Journal book.

"Coloured pencils are magic wands."
 I got a wonderful set of  water colours from  my friend.

I  sometimes create  pictures with cross stitches.

I love coffee and the sea.

I also like knitting and crocheting. This is my first crocheted bag.


I have found a lot of inspiration in these books. 
I enjoy reading books. 

I got  a bracelet with trollbeads from my friend as a birthday present
and since the time I have started to collet them.
It´s a wonderful world  too.

     I believe that art heals.

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